Ripstop Cargo Shorts


Size: Small
Color: Black



In 1983, a group of friends in Santa Barbara left home for a river rafting expedition. One member of the group made nylon shorts as a uniform for them all to wear. When one of the friends tried them on for the first time, he said “Man, those puppies are big!” and from there Big Dogs clothing was born.
Over the next four decades Big Dogs became a worldwide phenomenon and household name. It’s been featured in some of the most iconic movies, television shows and pop culture moments. Our collection of graphic tees, lifestyle apparel and accessories reflect on the recipe of Quality, Value and Fun.



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Write a review

Ripstop Cargo Shorts.. Glad they are back..

I have been wearing these shorts for over 20 years and love them. So happy to see them back in stock! My only issue is there are no light colors available such as khaki ect. Very comfortable, durable and great looking.


The best ever! Love the length of these shorts and the elasticated waist is really comfortable. LONG LIVE THE DOG!

Cargo Ripstop shorts

Thankfully, my favorite shorts have returned. Have been wearing the Rip Stop Cargo Volley Shorts for over 25 years and couldn't get for several years. Was pleased to see them back in stock. Ordered 3 sets and would have order more but size 'Small' in the lighter color is out of stock. Can you please restock the 'light tan' color? Thank you.

Rip stop cargo shorts

M Y husband loves these shorts. He had 2 remaining pairs from a few years ago before 2019. The past couple of yrs big dogs didn’t have these and he didn’t want to go to a different store. So when I saw these had come back we ordered 5 pairs. They fit and wash and hold up perfectly. Thank you big dogs. He also wishes you had some tee shirts with just big dog logo no graphics. He still has 1 left which is perfect. Don’t forget about the kakki color in rip stop shorts🙂

The worlds best cargo shorts!!

I have been wearing Big Dogs RipStop cargo shorts for years, and they are simply the best one out there!! When they weren’t available I tried all of the big outdoor retailers, and their shorts were expensive, uncomfortable, and poorly made! Thank you Big Dogs for bringing back the best shorts ever!!