Big Dog Sportswear produces high quality, reasonably priced active wear and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages.

Our collection of graphic tees, lifestyle apparel and accessories reflects the activities and sports popular across the country. Based on the recipe Quality-Value-Fun, Big Dogs’ unique products are now exclusively available online at In addition to sports, humor, attitude, hobby, and occupation themed graphics, we enjoy creating graphics that poke fun at famous people, current events and pop culture.

Original Logo Photo

Big Dog Sportswear was conceived in 1983 by friends during a weekend river-rafting expedition. Before the adventurous group made its way down the choppy white waters, each was presented with a pair of oversized, vividly colored shorts. Everyone loved the shorts and one enthusiastic member exclaimed, “Man, these puppies are BIG!” Thus, the phrase that became the inspiration for the legendary Big Dog name and logo was born.

All Big Dog Sportswear bears one of the three distinctive registered trademarks: “Big Dogs”, “Big Dog Sportswear”, or the “logo dog”. More than just an emblem, this larger than life canine represents the leader, advocate, athlete, child, comedian, musician, boss, traveler, dog lover, and adventurer in each of us, while also serving as an icon for high-quality, fun products. Whether your passion is for sports, a par - ticular hobby, entertainment, your occupation, your family or dogs, our famous graphic tees provide just the right amount of fun, humor, and attitude for you to stake your claim as the Big Dog. The Big Dog’s wide appeal also makes it a perfect gift solution for just about any occasion.