Big Dog BBQ T-Shirt

Size: Medium
Color: Navy


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Big Dog has been a favorite brand for as long as I can rem👍🐶

We started purchasing BIG DOG LOGO T-SHIRTS on beach trips every summer especially for my big brother (may he RIP) But, my husband and brother were best friends and we also purched a few for him. The BID DOG'S shop on the beach closed some time ago. But, still today my husband wears his shirts that we bought way back then at the beginning of our marriage 24 years ago if you can believe it. A couple of years ago I fwebsite for big dogs and my husband had lost quite a few pounds . So, I ordered him a few big dogs tees in his own new size. Still great quality. Funny Logos, and, I was able to order some of the older ones in his new size. Thank you BIG DOGS for keeping it Real and Real Funny 😁 😂 😀 People stop my husband on the street just to read his BIG Dogs and I tell them to go to for quality original and funny,

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